Monday, September 24, 2007

Feeling blue

This morning was my first IUI insemination and hCG shot. I am not sure why but I feel lonely and sad today. Maybe because I'm coming off all the OI drugs? I even cried a few times over absolutely nothing. DH was an angel and just hugged me every time I got tears in my eyes.

My RE said that I have 2 or 3 mature follicles that will definitely produce eggs this cycle. I hope that DH's swimmers find them! I have my second insemination tomorrow morning and then the long wait begins. The next 2 weeks include Lovenox shots and Progestrone suppositories (ugh!). At least my arms get a rest from the shots. I get a bit cranky during the next two weeks watching and waiting.

My friend R is getting married on Oct 6 and I am one of the bridesmaids so I have to put on a happy face whether I feel like it or not. This is going to be a challenge given that is about two weeks away. If I start my next cycle, I am going to be very sad and depressed but if I get a BFP then I'll be so excited and will want tell my parents as they are also attending the wedding. At least it will be a distraction from my IF world and it is a child free wedding which will make it easier if I get a BFN. Ok, I am not going to think about the wedding (or the horrible dyed shoes I must wear) just yet. I need to focus on taking one day at a time.

I am definitely now ovulating, I can feel the hCG working! I am off to bed as I have an early morning insemination. Trying to stay positive.


Allison said...

Good luck, swim! Here's hoping these 2 weeks speed by. (And when you've got something as joyous as hideous dyed shoes to focus on, why shouldn't it?)

On a serious note though, I've been at this for about the same amount of time. I find my ovaries respond better when I take a break for a few months. That could be why your first cycle was more "productive" (in the follicle sense of the word). Good luck!

journey to junior said...

ugh, shuddering about the dyed shoes factor. i'm surprised that people still do that.

fingers crossed on your IUI...