Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Going for beta tomorrow

I've been bad... since I got my BFN on Sunday morning by POAS, I kept feeling like AF was about to arrive and did not got for BETA on Monday. Today is 16dp3dt and still no AF so DH said he was going to drag me to RE's office tomorrow morning by my hair if I didn't go myself. So I am going tomorrow. I'm still expecting a BFN but my sister and mother told me to go also and have the test done and then put this cycle behind me for good.

We had some other news on Monday night that took DH and I by complete surprise. His brother and wife called on Monday while I was at work and told DH that they are pregnant again. They have a son that will be a year old in Jan. She had a etopic pregnancy less than 4 months ago and had a tube removed. So we were completely taken by surprise when he told DH that they are expecting TWINS in are due in June!!!!

We were more than surprised..... It was like a kick in the head. We are happy for them, of course, and this couldn't be happening to a better couple, but do you know how much that fucking sucks for us to hear the day after we get a BFN... Wasn't that suppose to be our announcement? Why? Why? Why?

Why is life so cruel?


Katarina Jelly Beana said...

Oh, Miss Swim. I am so sorry.

Not only does the (potential) BFN suck, but the combo of that and others coming up preggers's more than a girl should have to take.

I hope you get a difinitive (+??) answer tomorrow.

Trina said...

Hey Swim... don't let the POAS BFN get you down. My RE's office did a blood beta on me that was a BFN, but I never got AF. So 10 days later we did another beta and it was BFP! I never bothered with a POAS since I figured that the $90 beta couldn't be wrong. So hang in there...