Monday, October 1, 2007


Today is only 6 DPIUI! I was very good at staying busy this past weekend and keeping my mind off the 2WW. Now I am back to my regular schedule and have time to think about whether I'm pregnant or not. I am trying not to think about testing because I will drive myself insane.

I have no symptoms at all... I know, I know... its really early. My usual cycles are only 23-24 days total (dx with LPD) and today is CD 20, in previous IUI attempts I started feeling AF symptoms around CD 21/22. Even though I get AF symptoms around that time, when I'm using progestrone suppositories they extend my LP until around CD 26/27. The next couple of days could give me some sort of indication, although I have never ever been pregnant so who knows how my body might respond.

I'm trying not to get my hopes up but anyone who has gone through this madness knows that it is impossible not to. Ugh.. the next couple of days will be a challenge.

The Lovenox shots I am currently getting everyday are causing huge bruises on my tummy. I showed my friend, K and she was completely shocked at how colourful I was. K is also a bridesmaid in the wedding I'm participating in over the weekend and said she would help me hide from the other girls while we are getting ready. I don't want them to ask questions about the bruises. Anyone have any tips for reducing large dark purple injection site bruising?

Tomorrow is very near and I must get some rest.


nancy said...

Well, all I can say is good luck! Oh - and about symptoms - when I was lucky enough to have real symptoms, they were SO MUCH like my real AF symptoms (not anything like my made up 'bfp' symptoms) I actually thought I was out. So don't let anything get you down too soon!

Alena said...

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