Tuesday, October 2, 2007


So feeling a bit weird in my tummy, probably just AF symptoms but its hard to tell this early. I am obsessing but can't help it but I'm trying to stay positive (not successfully). Ugh, the 2WW is the worse part of IF.

A little rant....... Sometimes I get angry and frustrated about this whole process. All the drugs, needles, appointments, probing into our sex lives, etc... why can't this be easier? I've been healthy all my life and the fact that now my reproductive system is having a hard time producing a few good eggs is hard to handle at times. I don't feel 36, almost 37, shouldn't that count for something? Sometimes I feel like I am being punished for having a career and seeing the world before a trying to start a family.

Going to try and be positive tomorrow because not feeling that way today.

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