Friday, February 1, 2008

Beginning 2ww and anniversaries

Yesterday was an eventful day. It was our 4th wedding anniversary (which I almost forgot about) and the 3rd anniversary of TTC. Although, we didn't celebrate the second, it was like the 400lb gorilla in the room.

How romantic is it that dh got to provide a semen specimen for our 4th IUI attempt on our anniversary? This was his first time at our new clinic providing a specimen and of course he was impressed by the porn collection in the "room". There is also a recliner with a spillage pad. Our old clinic didn't have a room and requested that the specimens be brought in, but they did provide a handicap bathroom which had a do not disturb sign on it if the specimen was given on site. DH did that once and said that there was a lady waiting outside the door for him to finish. Luckily he has a very active imagination and has never had any issues and is usually done in 5-10 minutes tops.

The IUI went off without a hitch and dh's specimen was very good with 91% motility after wash. I really liked the nurse that did the IUI, she was very nice and had a good sense of humor. In the past I had always gone straight back to work but decided to lay around the rest of yesterday and took the day off. We both took long naps during the day which we never get to do and dh made a very nice healthy dinner then we watched Lost.

On the depressing work front, we had bonuses and promotions announced yesterday. I got a call from my department head in London at 7am to tell me that I didn't get promoted (although I was on the short list), didn't get an annual salary increase and that I didn't even get a 10% bonus. It just confirmed that I need to move to another group within the firm. The sub-prime mortage collapse is having a direct hit on my salary. It's depressing.

I took the day off today and I have absolutely nothing planned besides maybe a little shopping and a nap sometime this afternoon. I LOVE naps. Oh yeah, dh's acting coach bought us a book which we are both reading, The Fertility Diet. I know my diet needs some help because I eat too much sugar but with dh's help I know I can cut my intake. I am going to look for some creative ideas for some Super Bowl snacks. DH and I only watch the game for the commercials, we are wondering if his new Heinken commercial might air. Fingers crossed as it would be $$ if it did air.

Thanks to everyone for your kind words during my most recent attempt at IVF. It means the world to me.


Sharon said...
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Egged Out said...

I'm glad the IUI went well. We did our last IUI just a few days after our fourth anniversary, too. I was feeling so bloated and gross that I didn't want to do anything romantic. I hope we both have little ones by our 5th!

Enjoy your day off. You deserve it!

(sorry about the deleted comment above - I accidentally used my real life account)

Hekateris said...

Heh, I had retrieval on our 8th wedding anniversary last yesr. I hope your IUI results are as good as my retrieval was.

Katarina Jelly Beana said...

Everything crossed! It sounds like things went beautiful.

jp said...

Thanks for checking in (and for your optimism for me!).
It seems that the post embryo transfer friskiness is not unusual- I just had no recollection of such things from my first IVF, (which was almost two years ago)-
Today's weather looks much better than yesterday, hope you get out to do your grocery shopping and I am sending many good thoughts and prayers your way for a successful outcome to your IUI!!

Egged Out said...

Just checking in - how's it going?

TABI said...

So glad the IUI went well! Sorry about the job situation, that must be very disappointing. But I hope you enjoyed your much needed day off! Sending positive thoughts!