Saturday, February 9, 2008

Bored at 9dpiui

It is 9 dpiui and I have so far refrained from POAS and currently have no symptoms. Usually after injecting so many hormones into my system my ovaries hurt as the swelling comes down and I haven't had any of that this cycle. I think it is because of the different progestrone supp. My new clinic uses prog supp that are actually pills and there is a lot less leakage. Yeah!!

Hmm... Is 10 dpiui too early to POAS?? I am thinking of breaking down tomorrow morning and just doing it. I know it is really early but I am horrible at waiting. Maybe I can wait until Monday morning? Maybe not. I don't go for my blood test until Thurs and I never go in for a blood test without testing at home first. Should I start testing now and if there is any of the HCG shot left, I could watch it fade out of my system each day? I don't know... I don't have a lot of patience.

I think I have mentioned that I have an older sister. She had a son at 30 and had to use clomid to get pregnant and he is now 11. Anyway, she was taken to the emergency room yesterday for pain and they found a HUGE cyst on her ovary. Apparently, it is the size of a baseball and causing a LOT of pain, as you could imagine. I'm always nervous when she gets sick, she is my only sibling and I don't know what I would do if something bad happened to her. See the thing is, when she had my nephew her blood pressure went sky high and she has been on heavy meds ever since to try and control it. She is not overweight but her diet is aweful and she is a very very high strung person. I worry that she will not take care of herself and something aweful will happen. She is doing ok, but is upset that she is probably going to have to have surgery and she thinks no one can do her job while she is out. She is on heavy narcotics at the moment for pain until she can get to her gyn on Monday morning but I still got frustrated on the phone with her just now and yelled and told her to stay in bed. She has a husband and two sons (18 & 11) and they should be helping her out but are sooo lazy. Frustrates and worries me.

Ok, off to the grocery store to get some wholesome foods.


Anonymous said...

Hi there! I'm 10 days post o today so we're in similar boat.

Sorry, about your sister. Its obvious how much you love her and she is lucky to have you.

I hope she will be okay.

Egged Out said...

After my obsessive poasing this past cycle, I have vowed to myself to wait as long as possible in the future - perhaps until 13dpo. I started poasing early this time and it would have been great if I had a bfp but of course I didn't and it set up a disappointing chain of BFNs. If you can hold out, I suggest it. Though if you get a bfp, it's nice to know sooner. I guess that wasn't very helpful.

Sorry to hear about your sister. I hope she is able to focus on her health and not worry too much about her job.

Fingers crossed for bfp!

nancy said...

I personally am a huge POAS-er. But if you want to wait, I would still poas around now (9dpo) when you know it's too early for a real BFP - so you can find out if the hcg trigger is out of your system. I've been fooled by the hcg in my system twice! Once it stayed in my body for way longer than I would have ever imagined.

~Carrie said...

I used to be all about POAS, but now I usually say don't do it! I know it is tempting, and if you are ok with bfn and realize it may just be early, then go for it. (and I', not aying you would get a bfn - I hope you don't!!) I just found that POAS never helped, it only made things worse, but that's just me! If you do POAS, here's hoping you get a bfp!!

I'm sorry to hear about your sister. Tell her to NOT stress about her job, as hard as that may be. Her health is more important. I hope everything goes smoothly for her.

BTW, I have tagged you. I hope you don't mind :)

Working Girl said...

Swim, I am sorry to say that I tagged you also before realizing you are days away from BETA and worried about your sister. If you could use the distraction - go for it. Otherwise, just ignore me!!!