Thursday, April 24, 2008


A few changes have happened since my last post. I am currently unemployed.... by my choice. I resigned a while back as I had an amazing offer from another banking institution which I happily accepted. I am on a week break from being employed and thought DH and I would go camping and lay low but that was not how the karma gods had it planned. DH came down with a horrible stomach flu which has lasted since Sunday night. It started with vomiting and changed exit strategies on Monday. He has not been able to keep anything in his system at all. We decided to go camping yesterday as he was feeling a bit better... bad idea. We came home this morning and he went to the dr (finally). Oh yeah and we don't have medical insurance right now since I don't start my new job until Monday.

Anyway, this is my way to venting that what was suppose to be a slow paced relaxed week off has not turned out the way I had wanted or planned. At least the weather has been spectacular.

Fingers crossed that DH's medicines will work and he will be able to keep food inside. He has lost over 5lbs since Sunday.

No news on the 2WW. No symptoms. No AF. Nothing


jp said...

Hope your DH is feeling better soon.
As for no AF, no news is a good thing!
Thinking good thoughts for you!!

BrooklynGirl said...

You may be surprised to find that you do have insurance...often your old policy is good until the end of the month that you leave.

Hope everyone's feeling better!

Egged Out said...

It's great to have a week off between jobs but not so great if you can't do what you wanted to do.

No symptoms doesn't meet much to me any more. I've had symptoms and still gotten a bfn. I'm rooting for you!