Friday, April 11, 2008

Suprise... maybe 3

I was pretty down yesterday about only 2 follies but had the entire day and night to come to terms with going to ER anyway. Well, this morning I went in for monitoring and another follie on my right went from 9 to 15.5 in one day. I was pleasantly shocked. The largest is now at 20mm on my left ovary and they want me to do stims one more day, the other follie is about 17mm. So I'm going back again tomorrow morning for b/w and u/s. Will most likely trigger tomorrow night and ER will be on Monday.

What a roller coaster ride these last couple of days have been? I'm ready to get off this ride and go to ER.

Thanks to everyone who responded to my last post and letting me know that I am not completely crazy. You all make me feel so much better.

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jp said...

You may still be pleasantly surprised to find you have one or two tag-a-long follicles!