Sunday, April 27, 2008

IUI #5 - BFN

POAS yesterday and got a BFN at 12 dpiui. I am not surprised and did not even get upset about it. I expected it as I am feeling AF crampy.

We are going to take a cycle off to rest (which is only 24 days) and for me to settle into my new job.

I had a beer tonight and it was fabulous.


Rachel said...

I'm so sorry to hear that this cycle didn't work.

Melanie said...

Still, I know it's disappointing. Time off to regroup and definitely to jump off the roller coaster for a short while will do wonders. Thinking of you.

~Carrie said...

That just totally sucks (and that's a complete understatement) even though you were kind of expecting it. I'm sorry, and hope you have an relaxing rest cycle (as relaxing as it can be with a new job)

nancy said...

Oh fuck.

Damn it.

It seems that everyone had such great results last month and everyone this month is getting stuck with just one line.

I'm so sorry.

jp said...

So very sorry to hear this...

I am glad you'll have a few weeks to settle in before trying again.

Hopefully there is some tweaking that can be done to the protocols to get you a more uniform set of follicles!!!!!

Egged Out said...