Monday, November 12, 2007

Beginning IVF #2

And so it all began this morning... I got AF on Saturday night, not to my surprise. Went to RE's office first thing this morning to see how my chances were to start IVF #2 attempt. My ovaries are pretty much asleep. My left ovary only had the beginning of one very small follie (<1mm). I'm hoping this is a good thing and they aren't too dormant. Because from past experience my ovaries are very slow, almost lazy.

The RE changed my current protocol from last time, I'm currently 225ml of Follistim in the morning and 225ml of Repronex. The hormonal beast will be coming out in time of Thanksgiving dinner!

My husband has a friend coming over from London next Wednesday for a week and luckily he is an understanding guy. If I make it to ER it would be around the time he is here.

Fingers crossed for many many follies!!


Katarina Jelly Beana said...

Yay next round!

I hope the hormonal cocktail isn't too harsh this go round.

Many good wishes being sent your way.

journey to junior said...

wishing you the BEST of luck!!

p.s. i was just on 450IU of drugs daily, too. it honestly wasn't any worse (as far as side effects go) than before.

i'll be watching, and wishing!