Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tuesday follie report

I was frustrated and disappointed yesterday after i saw that my one follie has burst ahead of the others and today I saw the head RE for my u/s today. He is usually a glass half empty kind of guy so I was surprised when he said that I will most likely have 4 follies for ER on Friday. He wants to see me back tomorrow morning at 7am for another u/s and I will probably get my hcg shot tomorrow.

Follie report:
1 - 21.5mm
1 - 17mm
1 - 16mm
1 - 15mm
2 - 8mm (won't mature in time)

Logistically Friday is better for me and DH. We will get to host Thanksgiving and I'll be so busy that I won't have time to fret over the anesthesia for ER. I don't like being put to sleep no matter how short of a time it is. The ER is tentatively planned for early Friday morning.

I went for acupuncture after work today and my acupuncturist was pleased to hear that I might get 4 follies to mature. I was hoping for more but all it takes is one good egg! I am trying to stay positive and not get stressed about all this but I'm a bit obsessive and cannot stop thinking about it.

Since all the layoffs at my work, I am in between managers and had to tell the head of my department in London that I am going in for some "girlie" surgery on Friday morning. I work will all men so all he said was 'ok, good luck'. Sometimes it is good to not have to explain what is going on. They are all married and know that a woman's reproductive system is delicate and never ask any questions.

Fingers crossed for a good u/s tomorrow morning. I've had to go in early for u/s a lot in the last week so, I requested DH go with me tomorrow although I make him stay in the waiting room. Misery loves company, right? He never lets me down and always goes when asked.


nancy said...

Hey! I remember you! :) I thought I recognized you, but wasn't sure. Now that I look, I've totally been reading your blog already (although I have to admit I missed the last few days, but I've missed a lot of people's last few days due to me being sick)

Well - whoop-dee-doo on ~4~ follies! That's great, especially when you were worried there would be only 1 or even none! ack! Through reading hundreds of IVF blogs over the past year, this seems the norm. Under 8~ish eggs. 2-8 I would say is what I normally see. But you hear these stories of women having 50 eggs! Who are these women??

I'm glad it's still looking like Friday over Thursday. There'd just be no way you'd be doing the cooking after anesthesia and an egg harvest. (about anesthesia, we're opposites - I ~love~ it. Don't know why, but I look forward to it. I think it just amazes me how I can be 100% wide awake and them WHAM! I'm waking up hours later. Cool.)

Alrighty, I'm notorious for my wordy comments. Sorry about that!

In the meantime - grow follies grow! (but don't grow too much follie #1!)

journey to junior said...

if your RE is optimistic, that is a good sign, especially if he is usually somewhat of a downer. my fingers are crossed so tightly for you. xoxox