Monday, November 19, 2007

uh oh... follie report

Had an u/s this morning. I have 4-5 follies that might be in play for this IVF attempt. The bad news is that I have one dominant follie that has reached 20mm!! The others are 15mm, 14mm, 13mm and a couple of 8mm (don't think those will catch up). I'm disappointed that the dominant follie is going to be overmature and the others may not mature in time. This is the worse case scenario, that I go in for ER and get only a few eggs and none make it to transfer.

I was worried when my least favorite RE of my clinic increased my meds on Friday. My follies don't like being maxed out on hormones. From past experience, my reproductive parts function better on less drugs!! Can they not see that?! I'm frustrated that this could be another failed attempt and I don't even make it to ER.

I am going back tomorrow morning for another follie check and they told me that I may not make it to Friday for ER, that I will probably have ER a day earlier. Yes, that means they may take my eggs on Thanksgiving morning!! I am suppose to be cooking dinner for 8 people.... DH said not to worry about cooking that he will do it. But that is not my first concern, I want my other follies to catch up with the 20mm one.

I'm very disappointed........ Not the best news to get on my 37th birthday. Happy fucking birthday to me.


journey to junior said...

oh, swim. shit, i'm SO SORRY. i know EXACTLY how you feel. for us poor responders, each and every monitoring appointment at the clinic feels life-altering.

the 13mm, 14mm, and 15mm have very good egg potential, though, and it looks like you may have 2-3 good eggs. which would be good enough for ER, especially if they are all mature. i assume you'll do ICSI? of course, you'll be worrying to death over your embies making it to transfer, but one step at a time. i just want to see you get 2-3 good eggs at ER.

again, i am SO SORRY. this just utterly and completely SUCKS BIG HAIRY YOU KNOW WHAT.

i'm sorry this is your birthday, too. what a drag.

p.s. can you ask someone else to host thanksgiving? it would be hard to see you and DH up for doing such an evening at your place after ER. even with only 3 eggs at ER i laid on the couch all day/night.

i'm here if you want to talk more about it. :(

Egged Out said...

darn - lead follicle -that's what happens to me, too. I hope the others catch up. Thanksgiving ER doesn't sound like much fun. Friday is much better as you can recover all day rather than have to play hostess.

Happy Birthday!!