Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Good news & drama

I'll start with the good news. I'm responding well to the drugs, so the RE is keeping my protocol the same for the next couple of days. My u/s showed 3 follies on right and 2 to 3 follies on my left and they are all the same size. My left ovary and follies are always hard to see, it usually involves pushing on my left side and probing with the dildocam at a 90 degree angle to see anything. Doesn't that sound comfy?! Anyway, I am happy with my 3 day stimming report. If things continue on their current track, I may be ready for ER next Friday.

After my early morning good news, my day went drastically downhill from there. I work for an investment bank that posted record losses last quarter and announced layoffs would happen... well, they happened today. My entire team was layed off, including my manager. Out of 22 there are only 7 of us left. I was extremely lucky but feel bad for everyone else. I feel guilty that I was lucky and they were not. My job is moving to the London office next year, so I guess I am just going to wait this out and then either find something else within the firm in my current location or transfer to London. I really don't want to move back until I have babies. I have been to UK hospitals run by NHS (national health service) and I want to birth all my babies in this country!! DH doesn't want to go back either, he moved here with me from London 5 years ago and he is not ready to move back yet.

In other random news, it's my nephew's 11 birthday. I was late sending his card so it hasn't arrived on time. I'm so bad with birthday cards and gifts! And I finally told my mom about the fertility treatments. I had not previously told her because, well, there are many reasons... but she was supportive and is now going to do research on what IVF entails. I forsee many phone calls with many many questons in the next week.


Egged Out said...

Great news on your follies! I hope they all keep growing.

Not so great news on your job. I'm glad you still have yours. A lot could happen in a year so just focus on good fertility vibes and don't worry about the future employment stuff just yet.

journey to junior said...

awesome news on your response!!! yay!

i'm sorry you lost so many of your colleagues. i hope you are able to work things out for you and your DH.

Katarina Jelly Beana said...

Yay good follies!

I am really sorry for the layoffs at work. I know that will add to your strain level over the next few weeks.

nancy said...

OH man. I've gone through many layoffs like that. Survivor guilt can be hard to deal with.

But yahoo with your response to the drugs!!!