Wednesday, November 28, 2007


As you can imagine, I have been pretty down since Monday. With our chances of this IVF cycle resulting in a pregnancy at only 20%, DH and I are crushed.

We decided to go ahead and name our embie anyway, we are calling it Slim. There is a very slim chance that this is going to work out for us this time but we thought our little embie needed a name anyway. Of course we are hoping Slim is a slow developing fighter and is still hanging on, but we are also realistic about our chances.


Working Girl said...

I have my fingers crossed for you and Slim!!! I am hoping that you will have the opportunity to sit him or her down one day and joyfully explain how you came to name him/her!!! Good luck to you!

CLicK said...

Grow Slim Grow!!!

Egged Out said...

20% is probably much better odds than without IVF. I don't know what your odds are to conceive naturally (mine are way less than 5%) so maybe you can look at it as a 200% increase in your odds.

And it only takes one!

Hang in there Slim!!

Carrie said...

I hope Slim is a strong little embie and can get himself comfortable for a long stay. It is hard but there is a chance. A 1 in 5 chance. I really hope it happens.

This journey is so hard it is hard to believe it ever goes right. But it does.