Saturday, November 24, 2007

Best possible news

Both eggs fertilized! I couldn't have asked for a better fert report.

Please, please, please grow embies!

Transfer is Monday at 10:30am. I'm excited, scared and cautiously optimistic. I'm hoping they are fighters and survive til transfer.

God, please let them be fighters.


Egged Out said...

I just got back in town and read your last few posts. I'm so sorry there were only two eggs but so glad that they both fertilized!! That's great news. I'm praying for those embies to glom on tomorrow - I'll be thinking of you. Best of luck!!!

Baby Step said...

I was JUST there last week. I am 7dp3dt right now. I will think about you tomorrow...those little embies have to make it!

nancy said...

OMG! Yay!!! Goodl uck for tomorrow morning. I will send you all the sticky vibes I can possibly muster.

You gotta name those little embies!