Saturday, January 26, 2008

Day 7 meds

Went to clinic this morning to get b/w and u/s. My E2 levels were only 118 at the last draw and for me that is low. I'm not sure what that means except that my follies are growing very slowly. I was very nervous about the u/s. I am terrified that this cycle will get cancelled or converted to an IUI.

The u/s showed my right ovary has 1 follie at 12mm and 3-4<10mm and on the left 1 follie was 13mm and 3-4 <10mm. The dr doing the u/s was hopeful that some of the others would catch up with the two already measurable. Suprisingly I did not get upset, I'm hoping estrogen protocol will works its magic and syncronize the other follies growth. Fingers crossed it does what it is suppose to do. Weird this is the slowest my follies have ever grown. Does that mean the eggs will be of better quality?

Good news is that I get to go back for an u/s everyday now.... I am a scanwhore.... I want to know exactly what is going on in there. Also, I am still on 450IU Follistim, 150 Menopur and now Ganirelix was added. I'm strung out on hormones and bloated

I went out to dinner with two of my closest girlfriends tonight. K and R (formally known as bridezilla) and R announced that she and her new husband are 'officially' going to start trying to get pregnant. I wish them luck but I may have to leave the city if she gets pregnant before me. Please, please let this cycle work for us!!


nancy said...

slow growing follies, as long as they are caught once they get large enough (and don't hang out all big without being taken) are shown to be of better quality. (per my RE)

Good luck!!!

Egged Out said...

My last cycle on 450 Gona.l f was really slow, too and I stimmed for a full 14 days which was 4 or 5 days longer than past cycles. I am hopeful that the slow growth means higher quality eggs. Good luck and great that you get scanned every day now - you can really track what's going on.