Monday, January 28, 2008

In limbo

This morning for monitoring, my RE was doing u/s rounds and I was happy to see him. I could see on his face a bit of disappointment that my ovaries had not performed better this cycle. He wants to give the meds yet another day. My current measurements are:
Right - 1 @15mm and 3 @9mm
Left - 1 @ 17mm and 3 @ 9mm
He said the little ones still could start growing but after tomorrow if they show no growth it would be too late. If they show no growth, then we'll convert this cycle to IUI.

My RE's office called and I'm still on the same dosage of meds tonight. They are really hoping that my ovaries will produce a few more follies.

I'm not as sad and disappointed as I was yesterday. I cried off and on all day yesterday, not sobbing but just the occassional tears. If anyone knew me in non-blog world, they would be very surprised to see me like that. IF has changed me deep down to my core and I'm having a hard time being my old carefree self. I miss that person.


jp said...

I hope your little guys start catching up!

nancy said...

I certainly hope your big ones slow down and give the little ones time to catch up. And maybe some new ones! I'll be here to cheer you on!

Rebecca said...

It does change you...I totally agree. I hope that things turn around with you and your doctor looks up at you with a smile for a change!