Monday, January 21, 2008


My monitoring went very well this (Sunday) morning. My antral follie count is very good, I have 5-6 on my right and 4-5 on my left. That is at least double what I started with on my last IVF cycle. I know that its not likely all will be recruited for mature follies but I can dream.

Even better news.... My FSH is at an all time low, 3.7.... I cannot believe it! My E2 was 43 but that was because of the Estrogen patches. So we started stimming drugs. I'm maxed out on 450 IU of Follistim and 150 IU of Menopur. My old RE made me take all my stim drugs in my arm as an intramuscular injection and that sucked. Luckily, my new RE ordered the Follistim pen and the Menopur is also a subcutaneous injection, this makes the shots so much easier.

Finally, DH is feeling better after all his illnesses. He rested most of the day today and has finally got his appetite back.

I'm so glad I have the day off work tomorrow because I didn't do anything today except sleep. It was very nice.


Egged Out said...

Sounds like you are off to a good start! I also did 450 of follistim this cycle. I hope you get stellar results!

TABI said...

Your antral follie counts sounds great! I am also going to be on a maximum dose of Gonal F and hoping it will make a difference. Good luck with the stims!

nancy said...

woohoo!!! Here's for a follie filled cycle!