Thursday, January 17, 2008

Guilty Pleasures

I didn't want to post anything about IF today so I decided to post about my guilty pleasures... Everyone has some.

1. - can't help but check it 20 times a day to find out what is going on in the outside world

2. compressed gas duster - I'm obsessed with keeping my keyboard clean. This also goes along with an obsession I have with office supply stores

3. rice krispy treats - I could eat them all day every day. Even the snack trolley at work stops by my desk everyday when they have them. I have paid $5 for one, hey it's Manhattan.

4. shoes - can't get enough of them and have way more than can fit in my closets

5. grocery store - DH and I love to go to the grocery store and we are aisle walkers. Both our mothers took us when we were kids so I think grocery shopping started early in our lives.
6. Gene Simmons on celebrity apprentice - I have no excuses. He is suck a freakish character it is laughable.
7. photos - Love old family photos and could spend ours looking through them. The older the better.

8. looking inside people's residences - I'm no peeping tom... I like to look at the real estate section of nytimes online and look inside people's houses. If someone leaves their drapes open and I'm walking by, I'll take a peek at how they have decorated. I almost went to graduate school for architecture but changed my mind and went to a different grad school, but the fascination with architecture and design has not left.

9. having my hair brushed by someone - It's so relaxing and DH will brush my hair if he wants to watch something on TV that he knows I'm not interested in. We compromise and he brushes or combs my hair and watches his european football or depressing movies and I fall asleep.
10. chocolate - in any form...

So what are your guilty pleasures?


BrooklynGirl said...

Project Runway. I just discovered this show, and I can't get enough.

Also, cheese.

Baby Step said...

I am a cheese girl too, and ranch dressing, and ice cream. I have tons of shoes, and coats! I go grocery shopping every day, literally. Yesterday at the check-out when I left I said, 'See you tomorrow!'

Swim said...

I love Project Runway! I don't feel as guilty about watching it as Gene Simmons on celebrity apprentice, although now he was fired I probably won't watch it.

Melanie said...

I love your break from IF. How nice to get my mind off needles and pharmaceuticals. Cookbooks. Love them. Coats. Books that take you away. Beach vacations. Real estate. I'm a voyeur too. My first section of the Sunday newspaper is the real estate section. Good Sunday night HBO and good hair days.

Cindy Nguyen said...

haha! Gene Simmons cracked me up. I'm so sad he was fired, and not Nellie. Thanks for the inf break