Friday, January 4, 2008

New DR new hope

Happy new year to everyone! I hope everyone's new year is starting off positive.

Went for my first Dr appt with my new RE, DH and I are feeling really positive after the visit. After reviewing all my medical records and stimulation reports and x-rays, etc. He did a sonogram to take a look at my follies and do a basic check of how things look inside. Good news is that he was suprised to see about 13 antral follies. He said that is much better than he expected based on the results of my past stimulation reports.

He was very positive and said that there is no reason to talk about using donor eggs as he doesn't feel like there is a reason to consider that at this point. That is the best news I've had all year... It is only the 4th day... ;-)

He said he feels a different protocol will give me better results. The clinic has had success with using Estrogen starting at the end of the cycle before starting to stim for IVF. They have used this on folks who have previously responded poorly to stim protocols. What happens is that the Estrogen keeps the FSH low at the beginning of the new cycle so that when the stim drugs are started more follies are recruited to grow and produce eggs.

He had an interesting opinion on why I only got two eggs out of my last IVF attempt when I had 4 good sized follies. With the follies so big for so many days, he thinks they were over matured and thus resulted in poor quality eggs when they were finally retrieved and that resulted in the poor quality embryo. When I told him that my previous RE stated that they will not go to ER without patient being on stims for at least 10 days, he thought that was silly as every patient is different and they shouldn't have a hard rule for everyone on time of trigger.

We were very pleased after our visit although I am going back on Monday for a few other tests. He wants to make sure that he knows the best spot to place an embryo in my uterus and he wants to double check that I don't have a small polyp as that could delay my IVF cycle start.

I'm feeling positive for the new year.


BrooklynGirl said...

Sounds like a great appointment. Hoping this is just the change you need.

nancy said...

Yay!!! I've been seeing a lot of "positive for 2008" posts (no pun intended) and I'm genuinely happy for that. Yay!

Egged Out said...

That sounds like a good visit. My doctor also talked of using estrogen at the end of a cycle but we haven't tried it yet. great number of antral follicles. I hope with the new protocol, you will have a lot more eggs at ER.

Rebecca said...

Sounds really good. It's always nice to hear someone being positive about your situation. Good luck with everything!

Working Girl said...

Hey Swim - sounds like you have hope for the new year!!! Congratualtions! I will be very curious to see how you do with the new protocol. My RE uses the estrogen after stimming so I would love to know if it works out better before. Also, ask your new RE for a mock transfer. My RE did not do this with my first IVF but, did it with #2 (and it worked). Good luck to you!!!