Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Here we go....

All aboard... The crazy train has just pulled into the station and my ticket has just been validated. I started my estrogen patches this morning and changing every two days until AF arrives. Tomorrow starts 3 days of ganirelix. DH is in a holding pattern waiting to see if the estrogen makes me crazy or not.

He had a preview of crazy this morning.... I went off on him this morning as he was driving me to my IVF class. I had asked him a few weeks ago to check into seeing a urologist just to get more tests and opinions on his sperm. His sperm motility rate is a little below normal. It's not devastating but we agreed that he could have some more tests done and maybe there would be something he could do to get the best semen specimen possible. And.... I asked this morning if he had found a dr yet.... NO.... I sat quietly in the car for a few minutes and then thought about all the tests, bloodwork and u/s I have had and it pissed me off that he was scared to go to the 'dick doc' as he called it. I told him (loudly) to stop whining about not understanding our healthcare system and stop whining about having to go to the 'dick doc'. While I was in my class, I got an email from him that he had called his GP and got a recommendation for a dr. Now how hard was that? He is going to call for an appointment tomorrow.

Seriously, why are guys so uptight about getting their penis examined?

No matter how silly he is sometimes, I love him.


Katarina Jelly Beana said...


I don't know why boys are weird about getting their weenies looked at when the rest of the time it seems like they want everyone in the world to see them. Funny creatures.

Egged Out said...

at least he did it. I have to say, that Dh was the first one to get tested. He went twice before I called the doctor to get my testing done. I was the one dragging my feet, which in retrospect, wasn't a good idea. I should have gotten started on all of this a lot sooner.

Good luck this cycle. Does the ganrelix sting for you? For me, it stings going in and then makes a big read itchy spot about 2 inches in diameter. I don't like that shot.

nancy said...

Boys are strange. Although my husband has given up all the samples I've ever asked for, he still doesn't like it.

Swim said...

egged out - yes the ganirelix stings but not too bad. it's better than all the shots in the arm i had to take last cycle.